Tatango and “eMail Our Military” Team For SMS Service

Tatango, a popular group messaging service, has announced a partnership with eMail Our Military (eMOM), a charitable military support organization, to offer a way for deployed military members to stay in contact with loved ones back home via Tatango’s innovative group messaging platform. Â

With limited ways for military personnel to simply and effectively connect with friends and family in the United States while overseas, Tatango created a special interface on its platform which easily allows any service member to instantly update all their loved ones on events of the day, advancements and most importantly, their safety.Â

“We’re extremely excited about this partnership, as it allows us to do our part in supporting the troops who have been deployed overseas,” says Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango. “By working closely with Trish and her team at eMail Our Military, we were able to modify our current website to accommodate the needs of military service members without access to a mobile phone.”Â

With one message sent directly from a computer, all loved ones on a member’s contact group can be updated at the same time via a text message.  Not only can service members send a message to everyone’s mobile phone, they will also receive immediate gratification, as replies to the text message are routed directly to their account for viewing.Â

With a valid military email address, members can sign up for a free account at Tatango.com to take part in the service. Â