Tatango Acquires Plyfe to ‘Expand Mobile Communications Platform’

Tatango announced this week that it is officially acquiring New York based Plyfe, which enables marketers to create interactive mobile optimized experiences.

An industry leader in text message marketing software, Tatango says that the Plyfe team has developed revolutionary mobile experience technology that gives marketers “the ability to create personalized, simple mobile web experiences, without the need for a developer.”

With Plyfe’s software, marketers can easily create mobile optimized experiences such as a Personality Quiz, Swipe Left/Right (Tinder for anything), Trivia, Timed Trivia, Registration, Image Based Polling, Video Trivia, Video Polling, # Galleries, Sweepstakes, Leaderboards and more.

“We are very happy that the team at Tatango identified the advantages of Plyfe’s mobile optimized experience technology and the value it will bring to customers,” said Jeff Arbour, CEO of Plyfe. “Tatango is full of fantastic and visionary people and I’m confident that with this acquisition the Tatango platform will further establish itself as the leading text message marketing platform.”

Following the acquisition, we’re told that Plyfe’s technology will be integrated into the Tatango platform. By integrating this technology, brands will be able to send interactive mobile web experiences, through SMS, MMS or RCS messaging, which boasts a 99% open rate.