TargetSpot Launches Mobile Advertising Platform To Serve Audio Ads Within Mobile Apps

TargetSpot Launches Mobile Ad-Platform To Serve Audio Ads Within Mobile AppsTargetSpot is a startup that’s carved itself a unique niche by inserting ads in Online audio streams.  Building off its experience, the company today announced a new mobile advertising platform aimed at taking the ads it serves to mobile devices, and integrating mobile’s enhanced targeting capabilities along the way.

The new platform will serve up audio ads to mobile apps on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones, and is starting things off with a partnership with Slacker Radio.  The two have worked together since 2008 monetizing Slacker’s Online streams, but will further its partnership by expanding ads into Slacker’s mobile apps as well.

Mobile ad inventory from the likes of Slacker and other streaming music providers will be available to agencies and large advertisers through TargetSpot’s full-service account management team.  Brands will gain access to a “highly captive audience of on-the-go consumers,” with effective device, geographic and demographic targeting in place.

This targeting capability combined with the audio-based format provides a unique opportunity for advertisers, one that’s been previously unavailable.  Streaming music, especially to smartphones, is a rapidly growing consumer segment that’s historically been inherently hard to monetize.  Having the ability to insert ads targeted to a users location, device and demographic information is a powerful tool, especially when combined with the captive nature of audio-based ads.

“We all see the mobile marketplace is growing rapidly.  Slacker, for example, has seen enormous growth since entering into the arena, with more than 50% of its audience listening through a mobile device,” explained TargetSpot Co-President of Sales Andy Lipset.  “What is significant about this announcement from an advertising standpoint is that this is the first time that audio ads will be served dynamically into the mobile platform.  The game changer is that we will be able to reach listeners with audio ads on their mobile devices based upon their location, device or select demographics.  TargetSpot advertisers will not only reach a listener at their computer in the office, but now on the go, whether the listener is on the 405 in LA stuck in traffic or walking down 3rd Avenue in Manhattan streaming Slacker on their mobile device.”