Targeted Mobile Marketing, Improved Analytics Touted by LSN Mobile, Collider Media Partnership

Promising to deliver “highly targeted mobile marketing campaigns with deep analytics,” LSN Mobile and Collider Media have forged a new partnership that is the toast of the mobile marketing town today.

On Wednesday, the partners announced their new joint effort which, according to their projections, will allow marketers to see stronger results in mobile campaigns.

LSN Mobile is the owner and operator of the nation’s largest local mobile news network, while Collider Media is a well-known name in mobile audience targeting, optimization and attribution.

The partners say their mutual goal is to enhance the value and depth of information available to brands about consumers who have consented to receive mobile campaigns. “As a result,” LSN Mobile and Collider announced in their press release Wednesday, “consumers for the first time will now benefit from receiving targeted, relevant and timely mobile marketing campaigns.”

The combined offering represents a major advantage for brands pursuing mobile marketing campaigns. To date, most campaigns have relied on broadly focused, untargeted blasts to all subscribers who have consented to receive offers. Now, brand marketers can direct their campaigns to highly targeted, appropriate audiences who are far more likely to take advantage of their offers and convert to sales.

“Adding Collider’s intelligence to our platform gives media companies and brand marketers a more finely tuned way of reaching their target markets,” says Lee Durham, Co-founder and CEO of LSN Mobile. “That added intelligence, combined with the reach of our network, ensures the delivery of an even more powerful mobile marketing message.”

“Daily deal sites typically saturate the market by taking a broad, shotgun-style approach to delivering their message,” adds Brent Gaskamp, President of Collider Media. “By overlaying our proprietary technology on LSN Mobile’s My Mobile Offer, we are helping to segment and pinpoint exactly the right recipients making the offers delivered through LSN Mobile far more relevant to consumers. And, just as importantly, clients of LSN Mobile receive analytics on offer delivery and response to further optimize and segment offers to help drive increased conversion and sales.”