Target to Carry Apple’s iPad October 3rd

Earlier rumors of Target carrying the iPad in October have been proven accurate.

This morning, representatives of the second largest US-based retail chain held a press conference at corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. According to Associated Press coverage, Target will begin selling the iPad as of October 3rd.

“The iPad will be covered under the retailer’s 5 percent discount for store credit-card holders, which rolls out Oct. 17. Target hopes the combination of the hit device and the discount will bring in shoppers during the holidays.”

Two weeks ago, a leaked screenshot of a Target PDA suggested that the superstore would soon carry the tablet. The rumor quickly quieted down, however, only to return today as fact.

Based on today’s announcement, Target will carry all six models of the iPad as of the scheduled release date.

Before the end of the year, Wal-Mart is also expected to begin selling the popular tablet. This Sunday, Best Buy will roll out the iPad to all of its retail locations in the United States.

In addition, Troy Risch, executive vice president of stores, told the gathering that Target is on track to have 450 general merchandise stores with its expanded grocery format by end of the month. Risch reiterated that Target plans to remodel 400 more stores in 2011.