Target Rumored to Launch In-Store Apple Stores at Select Locations

Similar to how consumer electronics giant Best Buy has dedicated Apple sections at many of its retail locations, Target may soon take that concept and ramp it up a few notches.

On Friday, Apple Insider reported that Apple could soon launch a “store-within-a-store” at dozens of select Target locations in 2012.

Apple has maintained a very healthy relationship with Target since 2002 when the retailer first began carrying iPods. Now the nation’s second largest retailer carries the full iDevice line.

According to Apple Insider, the first wave of mini-Apple stores would be housed inside 25 Targets around the country.

For now, Target and Apple will only bring the in-store Apple Store concept to cities not large enough to have a dedicated Apple Store today.

With Target’s 1,752 stores becoming a more popular destination for shoppers looking for Apple products and accessories, the in-store idea seems like a positive move for both parties, not to mention customers.

Would you patronize an in-store Apple Store at Target?