Taptu Publishes Latest Touch Web Report, Focusing On Touch-Friendly Sports Sites

Taptu has published its latest Touch-Friendly Web Report for May, in which it focuses on sports-related mobile sites to dissect the “sports web phenomenon on touchscreen phones.”

Mobile sites in the sports vertical are immensely popular these days, and the report notes the sheer quantity of touch-friendly sport sites that now exist and how good they are.  Though similar apps exist in various app stores, the same score and match information can be found on the mobile Web for free.  In the case of ESPN, up to June 23rd (the day of the US-Algeria game) , their FIFA World Cup 2010 iPhone app saw 31 million visits and their mobile site, a further 20 million visits- impressive stats to say the least.

What’s interesting in the report is the comparison of leading sports sites’ mobile apps vs. their mobile Web counterpart.  ESPN, for example, has a leading mobile Website and mobile app, yet they both differ in what they offer.  Both are free and offer all the live scores, news, stats and updates you’d need, yet the mobile app allows for extensive customization and advanced video, while the mobile Website doesn’t.  Another advantage of the mobile site is the fact that i’ts available on any platform, while the mobile app is only available on the iPhone.

On the other hand, Fox Sports’ mobile app is limited in comparison to its mobile Website.  Likewise, both are free, yet the mobile Site offers advanced customization and exclusive video content, while the mobile app does not.  It’s clear that each provider favors one platform over the other, when in reality, it makes the most sense to offer the most via the mobile Web- given it’s the most widely available and accessible. There’s much more in the actual report, and it’s definitely worth the read.  Head on over and download the PDF to read more.