Taptu Publishes Latest Touch Friendly Web Report

Taptu Publishes Latest Touch Friendly Web ReportTaptu, makers of the innovative “touch media” search engine, has published its latest Touch Friendly Web report focusing on the use of touchscreen-based Websites in the non-profit, government and charitable sectors.

Back in January, the company initiated the first in-depth survey of the Mobile Touch Web, estimating a total of 326,600 Mobile Touch Websites – more than the number of apps across all app stores.  In doing so, they noticed increased adoption of the Touch Web in the Government and Non-Profit sector, as surprising as that may sound, and it become the focus of this month’s report.

Taptu singled out eight notable government and non-profit sub-categories who are embracing touch-friendly mobile experiences to their advantage; central government and agencies, local government, colleges and Universities, museums and libraries, healthcare, charities and causes, religion and military.

Though all are utilizing the touch-Web to their advantage, Taptu placed each in one of two levels of exploitation; level one being information and transactional touch sites, and level two being touch “sweet spot” sites.

Charities are a good example of “level one exploitation,” according to Taptu, because of their use of the touch-Web for information dissemination, but haven’t yet taken the larger steps which could offer the biggest payback.  Colleges and Universities are examples of “level two exploitation,” because they generally use the touch-Web to its fullest potential.

Sectors covered in the report utilize the mobile Web primarily because of their broad appeal, and the fact that they don’t want to be tied to a single platform, the report suggests, and also because they don’t want to be controlled as they would if forced to go through the various app stores for distribution.