Taptu Launches Huge Update To Android App, Now Includes Android Market Search

Taptu today announced a major update to its popular Android app that allows you to search the “mobile touch Web,” or sites specifically suited for touch-screen devices.

Launched in late 2009, the Taptu Android app was known as a “lite” application that was basically a link to Taptu’s mobile site.  With the update, Taptu is now a native Android application.  In addition to search, Taptu now allows users to search the Android Market as well.  When you do a search on a specific type of information, for example, you’ll see traditional search results as well as top apps from the Market.  For example, if you search for Weather, you’ll see the Weather Channel’s website along side the Weather Channel’s application.

Another interesting update to the app is the addition of “Result Card Flick,” which returns search results as a deck of result ‘cards’ that are easily browse-able.  Whether the result is an image, blog post, website or Android App from the Market, you can flick through the cards to make things easier to find.  In addition, here’s some other major enhancements courtesy of the update:

  • Search Filter: Clicking on the upper right will reveal a treat as you can filter our results based on choices such as blog posts, images, or videos.  Also, related search terms are displayed, helping you find similar items you might be interested in.
  • My Taptu: save search cards in “My Taptu” for future reference.  Think of this as a bookmark facility inside Taptu.
  • Share: What’s more exciting than finding a cool piece of content online?  The ability to share it with your friends!  Taptu on Android allows you to share via Facebook, Twitter, or email.
  • Landscape View: By simply tilting your device, you can show results in landscape view, which is a popular feature amongst Android users.