Tapjoy Unveils nGen Platform for Improved Mobile Advertising

Tapjoy Unveils nGen Platform for Improved Mobile AdvertisingOne of the fastest growing mobile ad networks around is behind an innovative new platform that could be a game changer for mobile advertising,

Tapjoy’s new nGen Platform is billed as an end-to-end suite of monetization and advertising solutions designed to help app publishers engage and monetize more users through targeted advertising and customized messages.

“Mobile apps typically have less than 5% of their users complete an in-app purchase, so publishers have traditionally monetized the rest of their audience through advertisements,” Tapjoy said in a provided statement.

In the past, this usually meant serving up an interstitial or banner ad that was intrusive or un-related to the app content or user experience. The nGen Platform solves this problem by helping publishers drive user engagement and make more money by delivering contextually relevant advertisements at the right moment in the app experience.

The nGen Platform’s “intelligent, events-based framework” gives mobile app publishers the ability to serve advertisements that are more closely integrated into the user’s app experience.

“These ads can be video, rich media, full-screen interstitials, Tapjoy’s Marketplace or simply a message to the user if the publisher feels it is not the right time for an ad,” the company explains.

“Our mission is to drive significant value for our publishing partners, and the launch of the nGen Platform signifies a transformative moment for Tapjoy,” says Steve Wadsworth, President and CEO of Tapjoy. “By combining an intelligent events-based framework, powerful targeting capabilities and our suite of ad products, the nGen Platform makes in-app advertising a much more valuable tool for publishers who want to monetize more effectively and drive deeper app engagement.”