Tapjoy Teams with Children’s Publisher Zuuka

Tapjoy Teams with Children's Publisher ZuukaOn Thursday, mobile ad network Tapjoy confirmed a new partnership with award winning children’s publisher zuuka.

According to details provided to MMW, the partnership will offer parents a new way to download their children’s favorite books… for free.

The iStoryTime library app, available for iOS but coming soon to Android, will integrate the Tapjoy Mobile Value Exchange model where parents engage with advertisements to earn Story Points to spend on hundreds of iStoryTime digital books for their kids.

The partners, however, confirm that these offers will be behind a “parental lock,” ensuring that the advertisements are directed at the parents and not kids.

Additionally, the books purchased with Story Points are completely free of advertisements.

The partnership underscores a significant shift in how consumers are looking to acquire premium content, whether it is for themselves or their family members.

“With zuuka and the iStoryTime app, we are empowering parents to earn credits for use toward their family’s favorite narrated books,” says Steve Wadsworth, president and CEO of Tapjoy. “We are seeing a trend of app publishers utilizing the mobile value exchange model to enable their users to get the premium content they want. With this partnership and the amazing brands and narrated storybooks that are available through iStoryTime, we’re breaking new ground and continuing to deliver innovative ways to deliver the premium content people love.”