Tapjoy & Pinch Media Team For Improved iPhone Ads

The iPhone has provided a perfect platform for the next-generation of mobile display advertising, and solution providers and advertisers alike are making the best of the opportunity.

Tapjoy, a leading provider of an iPhone-tailored monetization platform for mobile apps, has released its newest version, this time with the help of analytics firm Pinch Media.  The new platform combines the multiple-ad-network integration that Tapjoy is famous for, as well as the detailed analytics that Pinch Media has perfected.  In addition, the new platform offers “special offer monetization” via a company called Offerpal.

Tapjoy is different from other iPhone-specific platforms in that it allows developers the ability to optimize ads, or choose which ad network will serve ads to users in real time.  This generates higher ad revenue for the developer, and can also generate revenue via virtual goods and other social sharing features built into the platform.  This multiple-ad-network approach is more favorable than that of AdMob, which serves ads solely from its own network of advertisers.

With integrated analytics, as well as integration with Offerpal, developers can now introduce a few simple lines of code into their apps to monetize in a variety of ways.  With Offerpal, users can respond to offers without leaving the app itself, and the Tapjoy platform can organize everything from the ad networks it’s serving from, detailed analytics for a variety of data and situations and much more.  The new version is a welcomed improvement, and by far one of the most intricate and detailed iPhone-tailored monetization platforms available.