Tapjoy Investing in Australian Developer Community

Making headlines once again this week, leading mobile advertising network Tapjoy has announced the launch of the “Tapjoy Australia Fund.”

The program exists to direct Tapjoy resources and expertise toward fostering the burgeoning app developer scene down under.

Based on details made available in Thursday morning’s announcement, the company will offer select iOS and Android developers a combination of marketing and distribution support and funds, as well as consultation services and optimization support.

Tapjoy considers Australia to be one of the fastest-growing developer communities in the world.

“The Australian development community is one of the hottest, up-and-coming talent pools in the mobile space,” says Chris Akhavan, senior vice president of global partnerships at Tapjoy. “We want to offer them the tools, consultation and resources necessary to bring their apps to market, reach a global audience and monetize effectively. Through the Tapjoy Australia Fund, we are reinforcing our commitment to the outstanding Australian-based mobile development talent.”

To learn more about the Tapjoy Australia Fund, click here.