Tapjoy Behind Launch of PopcornflixGOLD

Well-respected mobile advertising juggernaut Tapjoy and Popcornflix – the feature film movie streaming platform owned by Screen Media Ventures – have announced availability of PopcornflixGOLD.

What’s the new offering all about? We’re told the app is a groundbreaking, first-ever free-to-use, feature length film content app for Android.

The app makes more than 400 high-quality movies available on a free-to-use model.

“The development of this unique app with Tapjoy and Popcornflix is a first,” said Gary Delfiner, President of Screen Media Digital. “Combining high-quality feature films within a free-to-use model will kickstart a new development in how the viewer can access movies!”

Starting today, users can download PopcornflixGOLD at Google Play and earn virtual rewards—called “FlixPoints”—by engaging with the in-app advertising of their choice from the Tapjoy Marketplace, which helps app developers monetize a larger percentage of their user base by presenting a list of relevant advertisements that app users can choose to complete in exchange for virtual rewards or premium content. In turn, users spend their “FlixPoints” within the app to watch feature length movies with big stars across all genres.

“This is a game-changing experience that we are excited to lead with PopcornflixGOLD, one of the leading movie streaming sites,” says Rob Barnett, Head of Publisher Development at Tapjoy. “We have long believed that the Tapjoy Mobile Value Exchange® model that has worked so well for games translates well to premium content like movies.”