Tapjoy: App Usage and Engagement Found ‘Love’ in February 2013

MMW heard from the team at Tapjoy on Tuesday morning as the ad network released a new post on the Tapjoy Blog exploring interesting trends based on Valentine’s Day activity on its network of 297 million users.

As more people make purchases from mobile devices, Tapjoy finds, holiday sales spikes no longer exclusive to commercial retailers.

“There’s a belief that app usage and engagement spikes during holidays,” explains Raghu Nayani of Tapjoy. “We tracked each of those theories during Valentine’s Day, and found that there is major opportunity for developers and advertisers to outperform their standard metrics on these special days.”

According to our data, the holidays represent a major revenue opportunity for developers, regardless of the day of the week or how well you’re performing leading into the holiday. The developers on our network that participated in our last three holiday currency sale programs saw their revenue increase by as much as nearly 50%, compared to the previous 7-day average.

Not all mobile users shop alike, though, as Tapjoy’s data illustrates. Android and iOS users on Tapjoy’s network show differences in purchasing habits for gift-expectant holidays.

“This Valentine’s Day,” Tapjoy reports, “Android users procrastinated in making purchasing decisions – with their peak buying time falling a full day after iOS users.”

To read the complete post from the leading ad network, click here.