TapIt! Launches New Self-Serve Mobile Advertising Portal

Mobile advertising provider TapIt! announced recently the debut of its brand new self-serve platform, allowing brands to launch mobile ad campaigns on a CPC or CPM basis with just a few clicks.

The largest update is the platform’s updated targeting capabilities, along with its detailed reporting features.  Advertisers can target based on location, carrier, time of day and much more.  The company’s proprietary granular targeting abilities and detailed reporting capabilities allow users to optimize their campaigns by setting precise parameters around mobile campaigns to reach a particular audience based on very specific criteria to make each campaign as effective as possible.

“Our intuitive, self-serve mobile ad platform gives advertisers full control over how much they want to spend and where they want to spend their ad dollars,” said Giancarlo Maniaci, CEO of TapIt!. “Furthermore, companies now do not have to rely on a 3rd party to create an effective and targeted mobile ad campaign.  We provide them with all the tools to setup, run and monitor a campaign on their own.”

Using either CPC or CPM models to launch campaigns, companies can quickly start and stop campaigns and add funds through PayPal to keep things running smoothly.  “We were getting frustrated working with mobile networks that didn’t give us the tools we needed to succeed. Working with TapIt!™ we were able to access traffic at a new scale and transparency never before seen,” said Alex Tsatkin, CEO of MobAff Mobile Performance Network. “This allowed us to drive massive traffic while keeping our ROI goals for our many advertisers both in the US and internationally. The intuitive and robust TapIt!™ platform has been our secret weapon in the war against blind click fraud ridden mobile networks. By having access to real time statistics, we have the ability to pause and adjust on-going campaigns and improve the quality of future campaigns.”

According to a company press release, some features of the new platform include the following . . .

  • Real Time Bidding
  • Advanced reporting analytics
  • Conversion tracking providing transparency to advertisers
  • Customizable reporting tools with a variety of filters
  • Testing capabilities – TapIt!’s self-serve platform include the ability to implement a rotation of landing pages to help advertisers A-B test and compare key metrics
  • Banner creation tools allowing advertisers to make ads without fancy software
  • Bevy of Macros to help advertisers pass third party data
  • Call to action capabilities such as click-to-call, click-to-app store, click-to-URL, etc.