TapIt! Adds Conversion Tracking for Advanced Mobile Ad Campaign Optimization

Independent mobile advertising provider TapIt! announced recently that it’s added global conversion tracking to help app developers and performance advertisers get truly measurable results from their mobile ad spend.

The company said it realized there’s too many mobile networks that are willing to take adverting dollars without providing any sort of analytics to show whether a campaign had a measurable affect on the advertiser’s goals.  “It’s too easy in mobile to spend money on campaigns that produce no usable data to optimize against,” explained TapIt’s co-founder Justin Barr.  “Tracking conversions shows advertisers which creatives, platforms, sites and more are converting and the advertiser can immediately stop spending where they’re getting little or no return.”

The company’s new conversion tracking feature helps advertisers understand where their campaign’s success is post-click while exposing low performing channels, devices, times of day and other key factors that can make or break a mobile campaign.  The technology uses a cookie-less method of “postback” tracking without the need for UDID & IMEI that can track iOS and Android downloads as well as lead generation, sales and other actions.  With methods for device identification becoming more and more fragmented, it’s important to not be tied to a device ID for tracking purposes.

Just like the Online space, post-click analytics in mobile is a key component of optimizing campaigns to yield the highest ROI, and TapIt! is once again ahead of the curve in terms of closing this loop for mobile advertisers.