TapFwd, Twine Augment Mobile-First Data Management Platform

4d0DzMMW caught up with the folks at TapFwd this week to discuss the big news freshly announced by their company on Tuesday.

The premier mobile-first data management platform confirmed a new partnership with Twine, a leader in mobile data monetization.

As part of the partnership, we’re told that TapFwd has integrated Twine’s 200+ million mobile data points into its platform, further strengthening TapFwd’s position as the “most comprehensive mobile-first DMP.”

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with Twine, which provides our clients additional access to a wealth of in-app data,” said Alex Wasserman, Co-Founder and CEO of TapFwd. “Incorporating Twine’s deterministic mobile data into our platform makes it even easier for marketers to build highly targeted mobile audiences that share predictive attributes with their most valuable customers.”

Twine’s data comes directly from app publishers and is based off of in-app actions. By aggregating and distributing this data, Twine provides app publishers with the infrastructure to passively generate an incremental revenue stream.

What’s more, the partnership with TapFwd expands Twine’s data distribution and monetization channels, providing app publishers an opportunity to safely monetize data through TapFwd’s data management platform, which is built specifically for mobile marketers.