TapFwd, LiveRamp Give Mobile Marketers Offline Data

smartphone-431230_960_720TapFwd, a mobile-first data management platform, announced Wednesday a new partnership with LiveRamp, a provider of data connectivity and onboarding services.

This partnership, we’re told, brings offline data to TapFwd’s mobile-first DMP, making it possible for marketers to improve mobile ad targeting with holistic people-based data.

“Partnering with LiveRamp accelerates our mission of making data accessible to mobile marketers,” said Alex Wasserman, CEO of TapFwd. “Through LiveRamp’s data onboarding service, we’ve brought previously unavailable offline data into our mobile-first DMP, expanding coverage of consumer-level attributes and further empowering marketers to run highly targeted mobile campaigns.”

With the addition of anonymized offline third-party data through LiveRamp, TapFwd’s mobile-first DMP now encompasses 70 billion data points from offline, online, and mobile sources, covering over 500 million mobile devices. Traditionally, marketers knew little about mobile users aside from latitude and longitude, operating system, and app usage. TapFwd offers mobile marketers a wealth of data, ranging from demographics and brand affinity indicators to in-store purchase propensities.

“We believe consumers and brands both benefit from a people-based approach to ad targeting,” said Travis May, President and GM of LiveRamp. “Our partnership with TapFwd brings actionable and rich data to today’s mobile marketers, powering campaigns that deliver great experiences to consumers every time.”