Tapad Partners With Abakus to Provide Enhanced Cross-Device Data for Marketers

Tapad Partners With Abakus to Provide Enhanced Cross-Device Data for MarketersThe following is guest contributed post by Deidre Bakker-Riches, owner of a boutique marketing firm and consultancy, Twlv31 Marketing, and the Head of Communications for Las Vegas advertising agency, Up All Day Creative Solutions (originally published by Mobile Leaders Alliance).

Tapad Inc., the leader in cross-device marketing technology, has already been making significant strides this year, including celebrating a year-over-year revenue increase of 300% within the company’s cross-device video business this past July. Now, the company has even more great news on the horizon for brands and marketers.

Today, Tapad announced it has partnered with Abakus, the leading provider of marketing attribution software and optimization. As a part of this partnership, Abakus will be able to license the Tapad Device Graph™, which includes proprietary access to Tapad’s cross-device data for a unified view of consumers across screens.

The Tapad Device Graph™, which operates the longest-running cross-device algorithm in the market today, deciphers trillions of data points every month to determine if various devices are related and owned by the same individual. This technology utilizes a combined data approach, which accounts for both probabilistic and deterministic data modeling in order to achieve accuracy — and Nielsen confirms this data to be 91.2% accurate.

To further augment the Tapad’s analytics, Abakus provides easy-to-use and powerful software that is built on game-theory. This technology can explain what marketing activity is driving sales, and why, then brands and advertising agencies can leverage this real-time data in order to improve sales, efficiencies and strategies.

Alex Saldanha, Co-founder and CEO of Abakus, stated that they see three major shifts driving the need for marketing measurement evolution:

  • Fragmentation of media sources and channels
  • Increased real-time, actionable insights
  • Device fragmentation

By partnering with Tapad, Saldanha said, Abakus is able to directly address the need for a cross-device view, which is a core requirement for their customers.

Tapad’s Founder and CEO, Are Traasdahl added that Abakus has taken an innovative approach to solving marketer’s measurement and attribution challenges that supports a more unified, open marketing ecosystem.

Collectively, the Tapad Device Graph™ along with Abakus’ game-theory software can provide a more comprehensive and cohesive view of consumers across all of their devices. And by leveraging this real-time data, marketers will gain a better understanding of their customers’ behavior, ultimately allowing brands to create more effective and tailored marketing strategies.