Talkwalker Takes on Hashtag Tracking with Helpful New Offering

Opinion How Social Media Can Make Or Break Your BrandAhead of the weekend, the team at Talkwalker — a leading social data intelligence company — is talking up the launch of its revamped Free Social Search, a real-time search engine for online and social.

This tool allows digital marketers, communications and PR professionals to immediately track and measure their brand reputation, campaign, hashtag and/or event performance across 180 countries over the last 7 days.

By simply entering a keyword of their choice, users get a snapshot of a wide range of social KPIs including total mentions, sentiment, reach, related hashtags, demographics and top performing posts/articles.

“The Talkwalker Free Social Search offers unlimited searches and the widest free coverage available across social media and online, giving marketers a simple yet powerful social media search tool for their daily use,” reads a statement emailed to MMW.

Users of the revamped Talkwalker Free Social Search can use it for:

Hashtag Tracking: Research top hashtags to find the right fit for your content and keep an eye on competitor hashtags
Campaign Tracking: See where your campaign is making an impact – on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, online news, blogs or forums – and allocate your resources accordingly
Event Performance: Get real-time insights about your event from the top themes of discussion to the most shared posts using your event hashtag
Brand Reputation: View  KPI metrics such as mentions, sentiment, engagement and reach over the last 7 days or even minute by minute

“If you want to get a first taste of what social media analytics can offer, Talkwalker Free Social Search is the complete package”, says Talkwalker CEO Americas Todd Grossman. “It’s ideal for agencies and brands that want to get a first look at how they can use social data and for small businesses who want to keep a track of the online impact of marketing and PR campaigns.”