Taking the Problematic Out of Programmatic with Advanced RTB Technology

Taking the Problematic Out of Programmatic with Advanced RTB TechnologyAdiant and Zemanta have teamed up to introduce new technology that could help many modern-day marketers.

Adiant, which owns the largest content-style native advertising platform (Adblade) on the internet as well as the Adblade Exchange, and Zemanta, a leading native content demand-side platform (DSP), just launched both a partnership and a platform integration.

“Buying on the Adblade Exchange through the Zemanta One Content DSP, marketers can, for the first time, programmatically bid in real time on billions of monthly content-style native ad impressions across thousands of desktop and mobile websites,” according to a provided statement. “Adiant has simplified the RTB content-style native ad buying process with the creation of the Adblade Exchange. The way in which Adiant has developed their RTB technology makes it easier for DSPs to administer, manage inventory, and meet goals for content-style native advertising campaigns.”

One benefit, say the companies, is improved scalability available to marketers.

“We’re pleased to offer Adiant’s RTB exchange thru the Zemanta One Content DSP,” said Todd Sawicki, Zemanta CEO, “Both teams are committed to delivering true targeting and audience buying capabilities to the world of content ads and native advertising.”

Adiant’s Adblade Exchange currently delivers highly targeted native ads through its advanced RTB system to thousands of firms, including major publishers such as McClatchy Newspapers, Worldnow, Lee Enterprises, Christian Science Monitor, Washington Times, ABC News, Hearst, and many others.