Tagga Targets Omnichannel with Social, Email, SMS, Mobile Marketing Platform

Tagga Targets Omnichannel with Social, Email, SMS, Mobile Marketing PlatformToday, omnichannel means everything in marketing. And, for that reason, Tagga is bringing everything to the table with its latest offering — a comprehensive mobile marketing platform that serves up a little bit of a lot of things.

Aiming to be a quality and affordable omnichannel marketing services providers to the “little guys” out there, Tagga is taking it hard to their prominent competition by launching a snazzy new platform that’s already generating hype.

The Tagga Engagement Marketing Platform — or TEMP — is billed as being a consumer marketing cross-channel campaign management platform “that enables marketers to drive brand messages through the noise to connect with customers across all online and offline channels on their terms, in real-time.”

Inclusive in the launch, the company says, are three core modules: Community Dashboard, Tagga Tout Score and Responsive Campaign Pages.

“Each core module plays a central role in empowering marketers to build and launch cross-channel marketing campaigns that target individual consumers,” Tagga announced Tuesday.

Early trials with customers have indicated that TEMP, paired with taking a cross-channel marketing approach, has delivered incredible results for consumer brands, that include campaign results with up to 80% coupon redemption rates, up to 4x click thru rates on campaigns, and increases in sales of over 100% year over year.

To help tout TEMP and show what the platform can do, Tagga has launched its new website to demonstrate the power of their creation. To check it out for yourself, click here.