Taco Bell Scores with Morning Marketing Efforts

Taco Bell Scores with Morning Marketing EffortsNothing says breakfast in America today quite like… Taco Bell?

On March 27th, 2014, breakfast changed forever in the United States. And no one is feeling the sting of this A.M. shift in the fast food culinary war like McDonalds. This week, new polling data showed that consumers now favor Taco Bell’s breakfast menu to the classic morning staples offered by McDonalds.

Apart from the savory treats that adorn Taco Bell’s early morning menu, there’s another factor at play in the taco empire’s successful new conquest – remarkably effective marketing.

“Along with the new breakfast menu, Taco Bell has come up with some interesting digital marketing tools that have helped speed its message,” observes Ashley Waite of Fusion 360, a digital marketing agency based in Salt Lake City, Utah that is widely regarded as one of the most creative and effective agencies in the U.S. today.

In short, they get digital marketing. And they’re giving props to Taco Bell.

“The first technique Taco Bell used in their digital marketing campaign was the burner phone campaign,” Waite writes on the Fusion 360 blog. “This involved 1,000 people in seven cities that received a prepaid mobile phone from Taco Bell. These people would wait for a call or a text revealing a challenge for them to accomplish in order to be declared a winner.”

Most challenges invited customers to post an Instagram photo or tweet within four hours of receiving a challenge. The awards that were handed out to the winners of the burner phone campaign included Waffle Taco pajamas, Crunchwrap bed sheets and free breakfast for a year.

“Another way Taco Bell promoted their new breakfast menu was by involving their biggest competitor,” Waite continues. “In a not so subtle way, Taco Bell took a jab at the famous McDonald’s fast food restaurant. They went out in search of multiple men throughout the entire country with the name Ronald McDonald. Each Ronald tried the new Taco Bell breakfast product and afterwards they all were interviewed about the product. One hundred percent of Ronald McDonalds that were interviewed enjoyed the new Taco Bell breakfast menu.”

In short, Taco Bell has done a brilliant job of driving consumers into their restaurants for the first meal of the day.

And it looks like the masses will be back for more.

“The initial indications are positive for Taco Bell,” a Citi Research report is quoted by Business Insider. “While this development is clearly not a positive for McDonald’s, it is still early and it may be possible for both McDonald’s and Taco Bell to continue to grow at breakfast at the expense of other competitors.”