Taco Bell Taking Mobile Payments Plunge

Taco Bell Purportedly Taking Mobile Payments PlungeWhile many fast food restaurants and coffee shops, such as Starbucks, offer mobile payment options through mobile payment processors like Square or Google Wallet, Taco Bell has apparently decided to launch their own mobile app that allows consumers to place and pay for an order right on their mobile device.

The innovative platform, we’re told, uses securely stored credit card information for payment processing.

The app, which is now live, can be downloaded here.

While Taco Bell is already known for speedy food prep, the app ups the convenience factor when ordering. The app even allows for customized orders and substitutions, just like when placing a live order in store. Consumers can even place their order on their mobile device and pick it up at the drive-through window or in store.

According to Tech Crunch, fellow fast food giants like McDonalds are working on a similar mobile app and corresponding payments platform.