Tablets Topping Smartphones in Ad CTRs, Says Adfonic

Adfonic has just published its new AdSnap: Tablets report, which highlights the dynamic shift in power from smartphones to tablets when it comes to mobile advertising effectiveness.

By any advertising measure, the report illustrates, tablets outperform smartphones. According to the data presented, click-through rates (CTRs) on tablets dramatically outperform smartphones for branding campaigns by a whopping margin of 250 percent.

There is an uplift in clickthrough rates (CTRs) for tablets when compared to smartphones, for direct response campaigns (such as cost per acquisition CPA, per click CPC, or per install CPI), and especially so for branding campaigns based around cost per thousand (CPM). These two distinct campaign types would typically involve different creatives or user journeys, yet tablets outperform smartphones for both types.

Tablets achieve especially strong CTRs, the report shows, for advertisers in the Style & Fashion, Lifestyle & Health, Entertainment & Media, and Travel verticals.

Smartphones, however, are still stronger than tablets in some areas like FMCG & Retail, where the added mobility of the smartphone is deemed important in checking out locations.