Tablets Top Smartphones for Consumer Mobile Shopping Preference

Mobile shoppers now prefer the tablet platform to their smartphones when it comes time to engage in mobile commerce.

Based on the data uncovered by a new survey from Forrester Research, 9% of active online shoppers presently own a tablet computer.

Incredibly, roughly half of all tablet owners report using their device to make purchases on the Internet. Even persons owning both tablets and smartphones show a greater preference for shopping via tablet than smartphone.

Corroborating the surging popularity of tablets for shopping is the fact that retailers admit that tablets now account for better than 20% of all their mobile traffic.

Sucharita Mulpuru of Forrester cites three primary reasons for the tablet’s ascendancy:

  • The larger screen. Not surprising, given the choice between a smartphone and a tablet, consumers find it a lot easier to use the latter to surf the net, click on links, and type in the critical biodata to purchase something online, especially since PayPal Express doesn’t seem to be integrated onto most mobile commerce sites yet.
  • The portability. Consumers love taking their tablets around the house and on the go.
  • The richer content. The apps built for tablet devices are engaging, innovative, and unique.

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