Tablets, Smartphones Lead The Way on News Consumption

The era of mobile digital technology has crossed a new threshold, says Pew Research.

According to the latest research and findings published by Pew, nearly one-third of all US adults, now absorb news content form their mobile device on a weekly basis.

Pew says that there is also growing evidence that mobile devices are adding to how much news people get.

As many as 43% say the news they get on their tablets is adding to their overall news consumption. And almost a third, 31%, said they get news from new sources on their tablet. The increases in news activity is heaviest among those who use all four of the major text-based media for news-computers, smartphones, tablets and print.

Pew, however, is quick to point out that desktop devices are not dead in terms of being vehicles that relay news back to the masses.

“Despite all of the convenience of mobile,” the Pew announcement reads, “fully 41% of mobile users who still get news on the laptop and print prefer the conventional computer for doing so. Tablets rank second at 25%, followed by print. The smartphone ranked last. This is a shift from the very early adopters surveyed in 2011 who showed strong passion for their new devices, and it may speak to both the broadening population and a natural settling down as the ‘newness’ factor wears off.”

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