Tablets Shipment Volume Exceeds Mobile PCs

Tablets Shipment Volume Exceeds Mobile PCsTablet shipments will have achieved a previously unimaginable milestone by the end of this calendar year.

Strategy Analytics estimates that tablets will ship in higher volumes than mobile PCs for 2013.

The report, “Mobile Computing Device Cannibalization: The Game Has Changed”, is forecasting that shipments of tablets in 2013 will reach 231 million, compared to 186 million Mobile PCs.

This remarkable trend will continue at least through 2017.

“The tablet has become firmly ingrained in the consumer mindset, and is now seen as one of the key go-to devices for consumers who want to undertake computing tasks on a mobile device.” explains Matt Wilkins, Director of Tablets and Wearables for Strategy Analytics.

“As a result,” Wilkins concludes, “the processors architectures, operating systems, and form factor of the tablet are playing dominant roles in the MCD space.”