Tablets Key for eCommerce’s Continued Climb

As the headlines consistently reflected through 2012, the impact on eCommerce by global tablet adoption has been immense.

On Tuesday, a new report from Marin Software added to the hype by highlighting how tablets will drive 20% of Google’s paid search ad clicks in the United States by December 2013.

If this projection manifests, it will represent a 10.7% jump from December 2012.

Fueled by consumers’ increasing use of tablets to make purchases and research goods and services online, Marin predicts the conversion rate of search ads originating from tablets will eclipse those of desktops before year end.

Beyond climbing conversion rates, Marin Software also found tablet ads have favorable performance characteristics relative to desktop ads. Marin’s data indicates click-through rates (CTR) for search ads on tablets were 37% higher than ads placed on desktop searches, and the average CPC for paid-search ads on tablets was 17% lower than that of desktops in 2012.

“While the rise of tablets is no secret, what’s interesting is tablet users are engaging with search ads and converting in ways that closely resemble desktop usage,” says Matt Lawson, Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships at Marin Software. “Solid user engagement combined with favorable performance characteristics make search ads on tablets hard to resist for advertisers.”

We’re told Marin Software will host a Mobile Trends webcast on March 7 at 10 am PST to discuss the findings contained in the new report. To learn more or to sign up, click here.