Tablets for Tots: The Revolution in Learning Has Begun

The latest report from Nielsen confirms that which many tablet-owning parents of young children already know full-well: little ones love tablets.

“The rise of gadgets is ushering in a new generation of kids who are growing up digital,” the venerable research firm reveals in a post Thursday. “According to a Nielsen survey of adults with children under 12 in tablet-owning households, in Q4 2011 seven out of every 10 children in tablet-owning households used a tablet computer – a nine percent increase compared to Q3 2011.”

Incredibly, Nielsen finds that 77% of those surveyed said children play downloaded games on their tablets and 57 percent said children used tablets to access educational apps.

“The education revolution has begun,” independent business analyst Mike Randazzo tells Mobile Marketing Watch. “Tablets are the new teaching tools that will be critical to education in the years to come. And it’s exciting to see Nielsen data indicating that kids are every bit as enthusiastic about tablets as they are likely to learn from them.”

Education aside, tablets are are terrific ways to entertain the little ones.

55 percent and 41 percent of parents report that their children used tablets for entertainment while traveling or in restaurants, respectively.

“This can also include watching TV shows and movies, which 43 percent of children often do,” the report reads.