Tablets Creating Jobs in Customer Service at BMW

Apple’s iPad mini is driving job growth at luxury automobile maker BMW.

As a gesture to give prospective vehicle buyers an improved, personalized customer service experience, BMW is hiring a slate of “geniuses” to roam the showroom floors of BMW dealerships.

Patterning the program after Apple’s hugely popular Genius Bar, BMW will begin hiring “young, tech-savvy employees” to handle BMW-related questions on site. The”BMW Genius Everywhere” program will launch sometime within the year.

According to a BMW rep speaking with AdAge, specially trained, iPad mini-equipped employees will begin serving as BMW “geniuses” who can inform shoppers about vehicles, models, features, prices, and more.

These staffers, however, will not be sales reps. In other words, they’re on salary, not commission. So if you’re looking for work in customer service, BMW is in need of “smart, car-savvy” college students “who want flexible hours to work in our dealerships as a local source of Genius labor.”

Although other details regarding the program are yet to be publicly announced, we are told that every BMW dealership will be required to have a “Genius” on staff.