Tablets Continue to Gain Ground Over Smartphones in Enterprise Sector

According to the latest findings from research firm Frost and Sullivan, the tablet adoption rate is soaring and its taking a toll on smartphones.

Having clearly entered the “age of the tablet,” nearly one-hundred new tablets with major market appeal have been launched during the past twelve months. This follows a reported 18.3 million tablet sales recorded in 2010, with Apple’s iPad securing the largest market share by a wide margin.

Despite increased competition from tablet makers, Apple and its forthcoming iPad 2 are widely expected to maintain tablet computer dominance around the world at least for the foreseeable future.

Yet, the tablet-frenzy gripping the globe, says Frost and Sullivan, is significantly taking a toll on smartphones, particularly in the enterprise sector.

Concentrating its focus on Brazil, a recent study conducted by Frost & Sullivan analyzes the major growth opportunities in the tablet realm.

From the total units sold worldwide in 2010, only 5% of tablets were bought by businesses. “The expectation,” the findings reveal, “is that this percentage approaches 30% in 2015. The pioneer verticals in the use of the tablets are pharmaceutical, construction and consumer goods, which already presents business success stories.”

Frost and Sullivan’s research suggests that the tablet adoption rate is poised to reduce the critical usage of smartphones in business, particularly with regard to how users access the mobile Internet. That is, if you have a tablet handy, you’re exponentially more likely to use it than a smartphone to browse the web on a work-related matter.

Last month, research from Gartner predicted that sales of apps for tablets, smartphones and other mobile gadgets will continue to explode in the near future, with total spend expected to top $15 billion in 2011 alone.