T-Mobile to Serve Up Mobile Broadband Without Contract

T-Mobile made a bold move with mobile broadband on Thursday, as the carrier announced its new, flexible and so-called “worry-free No Annual Contract mobile broadband service passes.”

The passes will debut May 20th.

According to T-Mobile, the passes will make it easier for customers to enjoy access to high-speed Internet on the go.

With T-Mobile’s new, more affordable No Annual Contract data passes, customers can experience T-Mobile’s blazing-fast 4G network speeds across a variety of mobile broadband devices including tablets, mobile hotspots and laptop sticks – with no strings attached.

T-Mobile is hoping to attract new fans with the key phrase that the mobile masses respond best to: no contract required.

The passes to be made available are as follow:

  • 300MB 1-week pass for $15
  • 1.5GB 1-month pass for $25
  • 3.5GB 1-month pass for $35
  • 5GB 1-month pass for $50

“Although most of our mobile broadband customers choose postpaid rate plans for the best device prices and data rates, we know that many of our customers want the flexibility to be able to experience mobile broadband without committing to an annual contract up front,” said Jeremy Korst, vice president of marketing at T-Mobile.