T-Mobile Left Stranded on iPhone 5

In a sea of smartphone rumors surrounding the looming release of Apple’s new iPhone 5, T-Mobile is finding itself stranded on an island without any Apple devices.

September could be an ugly month for the carrier, which will reportedly be left out in the cold when the new iPhone drops late next month.

A memo leaked to TmoNews and intercepted by Engadget suggests Apple hasn’t reached a deal with T-Mobile in the United States yet.

The note tells carrier staff they’ll get training material to learn “selling against the iPhone” from September 21st onwards.

In other words, while AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint (along with several smaller carriers) enjoy huge sales of the most eagerly anticipated smartphone of 2012, T-Mobile hasn’t even been invited to the party.

As a consolation, T-Mobile is reportedly supplying updated micro-SIM kits on August 29th to emphasize its improving support for unlocked iPhones on refarmed 3G spectrum.

Are you disappointed to learn that T-Mobile won’t carry the new iPhone?