T-Mobile Blasts AT&T as Carrier Friends Become Enemies

The folks at T-Mobile didn’t take kindly to AT&T’s jab asserting that T-Mobile has twice as many dropped calls and twice as many failed calls as AT&T.

AT&T even blasted T-Mobile in a recent ad campaign with regard to the speed of its data network. AT&T says its network is twice as fast.

Seems odd that AT&T is taking aim at a company that it had a whole lot of interest in just a short time ago.

As it turns out, T-Mobile thought it was odd, too – and quite upsetting. As a result, T-Mobile is firing back at AT&T with a new ad of its own. The first ad put it best: ”If AT&T thought our network wasn’t great, why did they try to buy it?”

“If you have seen AT&T’s recent advertising campaign, someone is obviously worried,” T-Mobile continues. “What’s most surprising to us is the disparaging tone of these ads given AT&T’s failed attempt to buy us in 2011. Well don’t take their word for it about our network quality. See the facts for yourself at t-mobile.com/coverage.”

So… do you think AT&T made a PR mistake by attacking T-Mobile?