T-Mobile Announces Deal with Blockbuster at MWC

A familiar name in yesterday’s entertainment emerged at today’s biggest mobile event in Barcelona, Spain.

Mobile World Congress provided a stage for T-Mobile to announce a deal with Blockbuster ahead of the new HTC HD2 touchscreen device. T-Mobile will soon roll out a new mobile entertainment suite to complement the release of their HTC HD2. At MWC we were similarly introduced to the debut of “Blockbuster on Demand.” Essentially, the program is one in which video rentals are now made possible for the first time ever via a download app for your mobile device.

As covered late last year on Mobile Marketing Watch, Blockbuster has increasingly turned town the mobile channel to prevent (or at least delay) the extinction of the video store rental industry.

T-Mobile says Blockbuster’s download application on a smartphone allows consumers to buy a movie on one device and watch on another connected device through Blockbuster’s library.

T-Mobile, however, also revealed a partnership with Paramount Pictures to pack the major blockbusters like “Transformers” and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” on HD2’s memory card. The films will be customized for smartphone viewing.

The carrier added that the HD2 will even debut with Barnes & Noble’s eReader application and the much hyped MobiTV application.