T-Ink Puts Innovative Spin on Digital Advertising

T-Ink Puts Innovative Spin on Digital AdvertisingMMW was briefed Tuesday on the latest happenings over at T+ink, the developer and designer of so-called “thinking ink” solutions that make objects “smart.”

The company has just breathed new life into digital advertising with its latest partnership with Dai Nippon Printing (DNP).

Based in Tokyo, DNP’s core business is printed materials, including books, magazines, catalogs and packaging.

“This partnership with DNP gives our technology a truly global platform,” explains Gary Winnick, chairman and CEO of T+ink, which promises to bring ground-breaking technology to print and packaging.

In short, T+ink’s Touchcode technology prints invisible codes on printed items that can be read instantly by smart devices to unlock digital features.

We are told that the opportunities for application within DNP’s comprehensive printing business include books, magazines, sales promotional tools, various packages and game cards.

“Our mission is to bring the latest innovations to our more than 30,000 corporate clients throughout the world to give them a competitive edge,” says Shunji Yano, General Manager of the Business Development Division at DNP. “Partnering with T+ink allows us to continue our expansion into packaging and industrial supplies.”