Sysorex Trends Report: Newspaper Advertising Shows Growth in November

Sysorex Trends Report Newspaper Advertising Shows Growth in NovemberStop the presses! No, wait, don’t. Newspaper publishers are pretty happy right now.

It looks like the nation’s newspapers had its biggest gain in print advertising in more than six months in November, 2015.

That news comes from big data software solutions company Sysorex, whose Shoom Ad Trends analytics firm examined data showing newspaper advertising rose by an average of 15.8 percent over the prior month in nearly every one of the 42 categories it tracks.

Retail advertising, which grew nearly 38 percent, was a particularly bright spot, according to the report, notes a statement provided to MMW.

“Typically we see an increase in advertising heading into the holidays, particularly in areas such as Retail, Personal Services and Dining & Entertainment,” said Michael Lynch, executive vice president for Sysorex’s Shoom Ad Trends. “But a month-to-month increase on the order we saw in the retail category in November is unusual; better than we’ve seen in several years. I think it shows that a lot of businesses are feeling confident about this holiday season.”

Not surprisingly, Bridal/Wedding was the one category that dipped (by 7 percent). Ad placements increased in every other of the 42 categories Shoom tracks, growing an average of 15.8 percent.

“November isn’t a big month for planning weddings,” Lynch said. “Come January, however, you’ll see those numbers bounce back for the spring wedding season.”