Sysorex Taps New Chief Marketing Officer

marketingSysorex, an indoor positioning and data analytics company, announced this week that Soumya Das has joined the company as Chief Marketing Officer.

Based in Palo Alto, Das will lead Sysorex’s global marketing organization, with a focus on building the company’s brand and introducing Sysorex’s products to a growing customer base.

“Das brings transformational business expertise and marketing leadership to Sysorex,” said Nadir Ali, CEO of Sysorex. “He has served as CMO for pioneering private and public technology companies where he introduced disruptive ideas that have transformed the marketplace. We have similar ambitions for Sysorex, and believe that Das’ marketing leadership will help the company accelerate its efforts to be an industry leader in Indoor Positioning and Analytics. We are delighted to welcome his energy and innovation to Sysorex to help stimulate demand and drive revenue growth.”

“According to MarketsandMarkets, Indoor Positioning will be a $23 billion market by 2021. Most leading organizations across the industry, including retail, healthcare, finance, transportation, law enforcement and government agencies, have an Internet of Things (IoT) initiative to secure and enrich its premises,” said Das. “I am thrilled to be joining Nadir and the Sysorex team to help businesses and governments create an indoor environment that will be safe, secure, and transformative. Sysorex is the only known technology company that can locate 100% of wireless devices with 100% anonymity and deliver lightning-fast data analytics on any premises. For industry leaders and early adopters striving for the ultimate user experience and security, by converging the digital and physical worlds, Sysorex leads the transformation as the GPS for the indoors.”

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