Syntonic Makes a Content Splash at CES 2016

Syntonic Makes a Content Splash at CES 2016With CES 2016 now in its second day, there’s one brand to which this year’s show has been very good — Syntonic.

Everyone with mobile service through AT&T, it seems, is talking about and giving thanks to Syntonic — a mobile Connectivity as a Service provider.

Ahead of the convention’s kick-off, the company announced that AT&T customers will have free mobile data access to the CES conference site using Freeway by Syntonic, the company’s sponsored data application.

Using the app, AT&T customers can access the CES site on their mobile device without the data usage counting against their monthly data allowance. The service will be available nationwide to over 60 million eligible AT&T customers including those attending CES.

“Sponsored data, which allows brands to pay for mobile data usage on behalf of an individual mobile subscriber, is set to takeoff in global markets over the next several years, especially those where the cost of mobile data is high relative to wages,” the company said in a news release.

To learn more about Syntonic, click here.