Symbian Responds To Report That It’s Leading The Game In Mobile CTR

Last week, Smaato released a report detailing mobile click-rates for the varying mobile operating systems, in which Symbian was deemed the clear-cut leader.  This came as a surprise for some, given the fact that the iPhone/iPod Touch and Android-based devices seem to get all the attention in terms of mobile advertising these days.

Today, Symbian issued a response to the report in which it attributes much of its continued success in the smartphone market to making its platform as open as possible and continuing to become as developer-centric as possible.  “Naturally, it’s very encouraging to see Symbian excel in click through rates – a statistic that certainly reinforces our leading position in the smartphone market,” Symbian said in it’s response statement.  “The high rate of click throughs will be in no small part attributed to the flexibility and level of interaction available on our platform.”

“It’s now critical that we do not rest on our laurels, but build on this momentum and strive towards our goal of making our platform completely open to the developer community, which will undoubtedly increase this flexibility and interaction. We believe that the future of mobile is indeed open, in order to instill creativity, foster innovation and ensure the developer community has the optimal platform to continue to evolve the mobile phone at the rate we have experienced over the past ten years.”

It’s clear the statistic claiming Symbian garners the highest mobile-ad CTR was even surprising to Symbian itself.  Though they might not receive the press and praise that other new-age mobile platforms and OSs receive, it’s clear that Symbian will always be a major player in the mobile ecosystem.