Sybase 365 Hits Major Milestone, Delivers One Trillion SMS Messages

Mobile messaging provider Sybase 365 announced yesterday that its processed more than one trillion inter-operator messages since the company launched the first SMS interoperability messaging hub in 2001.  To put this into perspective, it’s equivalent to processing approximately 32,000 messages per second for every second of one year.

The company said it’s taken eight years to reach this milestone, but with the continued growth of SMS and mobile services, combined with the fact that the company is currently processing more than 1.5 billion messages per day, Sybase expects to hit the next trillion messages in 2012.

“No other communication medium has the ability to reach more people than SMS – truly unprecedented in its scope,” said Marty Beard, president, Sybase 365.  “What started primarily as a consumer phenomenon has now moved squarely into the enterprise.  Financial Institutions, retailers, consumer packaged goods companies and many other enterprises are increasingly leveraging mobile messaging for marketing, customer relationship management, payments and mobile commerce.  This trend will only accelerate.”

Granted, Sybase has positioned itself as a leading provider of messaging services for over 900 mobile operators worldwide, but this milestone still speaks for the ubiquity and reach of SMS for a variety of uses.  It’s the one mobile technology that everyone has access to and is comfortable with, and its proliferation will only continue.