SXSW: Tynker Tinkers with New App to Extend Programming Skills to Youngsters

SXSW Tynker Tinkers with New App to Extend Programming Skills to YoungstersJust in time for the South by Southwest (SXSW) Education, Music and Media Conference in Austin, Texas, Tynker – a leading Silicon Valley ed-tech startup that helps kids develop programming skills – made an announcement that is getting ample media attention this week.

The company has just launched the first Tynker iPad app available on Apple’s App Store.

The new app is designed to extend Tynker’s visual programming platform to an even broader audience of young learners, with an immersive game-like experience that leverages the iPad’s native touch-based capabilities.

According to details shared with MMW, The Tynker learning platform is now used by over 8,000 schools and 5 million users, making it one of the largest ed-tech applications in the world.

The Tynker iPad app was developed in response to the “pent up demand from parents and schools” who want to use tablets to teach children essential coding fundamentals.

“With 5 million users of Tynker on the web now, we’ve learned that a game-based approach is a highly effective and engaging way for kids to learn the basics of programming,” said Srinivas Mandyam, the CTO of Tynker. “Our iPad app has many fun, story-based puzzles that progressively introduce programming concepts such as sequencing, repetition and conditional logic. The app leverages the touch-based capabilities and portability of the iPad — making it the perfect extension to our popular web-based courses.”

To learn more, check out the new app here.