SXSW 2016: Mashable, Viber Launch ‘Stickers in the Wild’ Campaign

SXSWFor many consumers, messaging apps are commonly known as the next generation of social media. Now, popular media platforms are taking note of these quick-response tools and the many ways they may target and better engage with their core audience.

That’s according to the scoop shared with MMW in recent days about a new partnership between Mashable and Viber.

Over the past year, Viber’s Public Chat platform has grown exponentially. These unique, live discussions feature popular influencers, celebrities, personalities and brands across many topics including music, sports, fashion, entertainment, news and more.

There are now more than 1,500 Public Chats with over 148,146,000 followers globally and growing by the day. To-date, one of Viber’s most notable Public Chat hosts is Mashable, who leverages its news and behind-the-scenes, global happenings via the platform, reaching a mass audience of almost 30,000 individuals in a way no traditional ad could provide. It’s a raw and uncensored look at the brand through the eyes of the employees who live it every day, helping to humanize the media outlet and emotionally connecting with consumers.

Now, Mashable takes its partnership with Viber to the next level, offering a new form of self-expression to its Public Chat users – stickers. Launched March 10th, the stickers were designed by Mashable Collective, the in-house creative group responsible for experimenting with new formats and mixed media.

This same group of designers, illustrators and animators brings the Mashable House at SXSW to life with their original creative each year.

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