Swrve Unveils New Conversation Functionality to Help Enterprise Apps Resonate With Mobile Users During the Holiday Season

PRESS RELEASE: Swrve, the leading mobile marketing cloud solution, has introduced updates to its Conversations feature to deliver businesses a communication platform specifically tailored for mobile audiences. With this update, mobile marketers can create messages that resonate during the crowded holiday season. Conversations enable mobile marketers to create and deliver rich, in app communications in real time that include photos, videos, surveys, promotions, announcements and more to app users. Campaigns are driven by the individual customer’s behavior and preferences, creating a personalized two-way interaction that draws consumers in, rather than alienating them with generic blasts.

Companies using Swrve’s Conversations experience heightened engagement, retention rates and conversions as a result of its individualized adaptive approach. The average customer sees a 200-300 percent increase in engagement. RyanAir, the world’s largest airline by passengers, uses Conversations to build an instant customer satisfaction survey that engages passengers immediately upon landing, rather than through email days later. The survey, which is composed simply of three emojis to choose from, boosted response rates from .07 percent to over 60 percent, revealing that 89 percent of travelers were satisfied with their flying experience.

“Conversations enables us to target our customers, and allows us interact with them in ways that are appealing and convenient for them,” said Dara Brady, Head of Digital at RyanAir. “Mobile is a key element in travel today and we’re engaging travellers where they want to spend their time — on mobile. Being adaptive to customer preferences is part of what sets RyanAir apart and keeps that satisfaction rating so high.”

In the onslaught of promotional materials surrounding the holiday season, consumer tolerance for irrelevant marketing dwindles. This is especially true for mobile audiences, who consider their phone a more personal medium than email or web browsing. Traditional marketing best practices for desktop or online experiences aren’t always applicable to for mobile users — and can often prove detrimental for customer relations. Conversations allows marketers to create highly relevant, contextual and engaging dialogues on a 1:1 basis with their customers at scale in real time.

“To capture mobile moments, marketers have to interact with consumers in ways that are relevant and engaging,” said Christopher Dean, CEO of Swrve. “Dynamic, rich media delivered at the right mobile moment elicits user engagement and helps brands stand out and win customer loyalty, even at a time of year when their tolerance for marketing is being tested. Smartphone users expect an enjoyable experience, and Conversations helps companies understand and deliver them.”

Conversations is loaded with features to help businesses create irresistible mobile moments.

Key product features and templates include:

  • Increased engagement with interactive messages- Companies can create personalized messages for customers that are delivered in real time and measure their responses.
  • Easier onboarding and user training- A variety of engrossing media options are available to create onboarding or explanatory video tutorials.
  • Real time customer feedback – Conversations supplies a broad selection of survey templates to extract customer’s thoughts and opinions.
  • Opt-in campaigns for additional customer insights- Pre-defined templates make it easy to request permissions from users for activities such as push notifications, access to contacts, camera, or photos or ability to use location services.
  • An opportunity to cross-promote additional downloads or subscriptions – Businesses can advertise similar products to existing users by targeting specific audiences. Calls-to-action can be linked by location, website, social network or other title in the portfolio.

The Conversations feature is available for all Swrve customers immediately. For more information about the Swrve platform, please visit www.swrve.com.