Swrve Touts Mobile Engagement Driven Email Campaigns

Swrve, a leader in mobile marketing engagement, announced late last week what the company calls “significant enhancements” to its mobile engagement tools — tools designed to empower marketers to deliver highly personalized email campaigns that are based on sophisticated mobile intelligence (that includes mobile audience, behaviors and analytics).

According to the official word, the new capabilities make email campaigns easier for marketers to trigger and operate directly within the Swrve platform, removing data silos between email and mobile marketing channels and streamlining the development workflow.

With these enhancements, Swrve continues to build upon its mobile-centric approach to empower marketers to leverage real-time insights for 1:1 marketing across mobile and email channels, the company says.

Swrve’s new marketing email enhancements allow marketers to leverage their existing email marketing investments, eliminate data silos and remove process workflow latencies by triggering emails directly from Swrve to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Swrve’s new features help organizations address the challenges of delivering personalized multi-channel experiences in real time, by enabling marketers to leverage the data richness of mobile audiences, events, schedule triggers, analytics and personalization to launch highly contextual emails directly within the Swrve platform. By accelerating the time to market and streamlining this workflow process, marketers can now create and deliver 1:1 multi-channel campaigns that touch and interact with the customer throughout the journey at the right time through the right medium.

“Swrve understands that customers expect highly personalized and contextual experiences, regardless of the channel,” said Christopher S. Dean, CEO of Swrve. “As a result, siloed marketing campaigns can no longer exist. Swrve’s email enhancements focus on removing the data silo between mobile and email — predominant channels that customers use today — to allow marketers to leverage their existing email infrastructure investments, maximize their ROI, and improve the efficacy of both channels.”

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