Swrve Swerves into ‘True’ Omni-Channel Mobile Marketing Automation

Swrve Swerves into 'True' Omni-Channel Mobile Marketing AutomationOn Tuesday, the team at Swrve — a provider of mobile marketing automation — announced an integration with the Eloqua AppCloud, now available on the Oracle Marketing AppCloud platform.

According to Swrve, the Eloqua integration “provides an easy way for marketers to create omni-channel campaigns that leverage customer data from both Eloqua and Swrve, and provide a truly seamless experience across web, email and mobile.”

Swrve says it is the first mobile marketing automation vendor to integrate with the Eloqua AppCloud.

By integrating with Eloqua, Swrve enables Oracle Marketing Cloud customers to easily deliver mobile marketing campaigns of all types from the campaign builder within which they are familiar. Thanks to this integration, users can send push notifications, in-app messages, surveys and video messages to mobile app users and perform dynamic two-way updates of user properties between Eloqua and Swrve.

“Most CMOs know they need to have a mobile strategy as part of a comprehensive omni-channel marketing plan,” said Christopher Dean, CEO of Swrve. “By coupling the capabilities of Swrve and Eloqua, app and digital marketers will find it easy to deliver a comprehensive omni-channel experience that will delight their end users — all while using a familiar, intuitive interface.”