Swrve Shows Off Mobile Engagement Platform for Windows 10 Community

5188244_300x300Swrve confirmed to MMW this week that it will bring its Mobile Engagement Platform to the Microsoft Windows 10 mobile application marketing and development community.

The effort, Swrve says, makes the Windows Store the “premier destination” for mobile marketers, app developers and publishers.

“Swrve’s support of Windows 10 allows us to provide our developer community an easy way to build and bring engaging apps to the platform that will drive new levels of retention, engagement, and loyalty,” said Steven Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President & Chief Evangelist for the Microsoft Corporation.

Swrve, who already provides support across both Apple iOS and Android operating systems, is used by hundreds of leading global 2000 and gaming marketers to deliver rich, relevant and personalized in-app experiences to users.

“We’re very excited to start our collaboration with Swrve,” said Philippe Meriaux, COO of Happn. “The overall quality of the platform, including the Windows 10 SDK, and Swrve’s unique vision of CRM were a great fit for Happn. We’re confident that Swrve will helps us take it to the next level.”