Swrve Serves Up Something New in Mobile Predictive Marketing

Swrve Serves Up Something New in Mobile Predictive MarketingThis week in San Francisco, the folks at Swrve, a provider of mobile marketing automation, unveiled the Swrve Predictive Marketing Suite.

Billed as being the first to combine predictive analytics with messaging and conversations for mobile apps, Swrve “uses behavioral algorithms to predict what app users will do next.”

Then what, you ask?

The platform can then automatically present proactive, relevant communications to customers.

Swrve says that this powerful capability empowers mobile marketers to create better user engagement while growing revenues and reducing the risk of churn.

Customer engagement on mobile is just now maturing to a place where there is a need for predictive analytics. Swrve is addressing this shift with its Predictive Marketing Suite, which uses historic data, including number of sessions per users and previous in-app spend, to train the algorithms for each app separately.

“This is the first time anyone has combined predictive analytics with a communication platform, which gives data-driven marketers a powerful tool to engage users on the future action they are most likely to take, not just past behavior,” explains Christopher S. Dean, CEO of Swrve. “Now, marketers can orchestrate more relevant, timely conversations with their users driven by Swrve’s easy-to-use platform.”